Kvacianska valley

Distance from the guesthouse 18 km



There is an educational path which goes through Kvacianska valley (Kvačianska dolina) and has several interesting stops. Years ago the old wagon road was frequently used, leading down the bottom of the valley.This road was the only connection “with the world” for two villages, Veľké Borové and Huty. The most important tourist point is on the top of the valley and it´s called Oblazy. A unique landmark can be found next to Kvačianka stream. It´s a repaired old wooden water mill. Another tourist attraction is Roháč, which is the highest point on the old road. Roháč is the rock protrusion in the lower part of the valley. In 1860, a stone cross was built and tourist have opportunity to see a beautiful view of the entire canyon there.